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There was a time when record labels committed themselves more seriously to developing the careers of their recording artists. There was more money changing hands and more time to accomplish the desired result. Today it is much harder to find a record label committed to this goal. When a major or Indie label signs a new artist or band, they presume the act has sufficient musical, songwriting, and performance talent, and are ready for the big time. The results of such assumptions are the predominantly mediocre recordings of the modern era.

Enter David Ivory. Ivory believes and has proven that today’s songs can be what they were during the golden era of recording, the mid seventies to late eighties. Over the years David Ivory has worked with some of music's biggest names in the process encouraging some of their finest work while touching upon a variety of genres. His passion, the overall development of his artists and their music, remains the same.

While focusing on songwriting, arrangement, and live performance, along with the record making process, Ivory inspires passion in his artists and provides them with the full package for success at a fraction of the price of a major studio in New York or Los Angeles. He runs a production company that offers all the benefits of a major studio in a quiet setting where the artist/band can focus on the music.

Susie Keynes of the Australian band Fruit noted "It's been an incredible year. I feel like David brought out more from us musically than we knew we had. He totally refined and helped define our sound." Lizzy Hale – Halestorm (Atlantic Records) “David took a chance on us. I learned more about myself as a songwriter and vocalist in those first 6 months than I could have on my own in 2 years. He really helped accelerate the process! He’s someone who believed so whole heartedly in what we can do and saw something in us, even in our rawest state.” "Dave Ivory, a true rebel and leader in a world of followers." - Walt Lafty (Silvertide/J Records)

Ivory’s production and development style incorporates his many diverse musical influences. Although his roots are in rock, his first big shot came from recording and working with "The Roots". Together they tracked four groundbreaking albums (Organix, Do You Want More, Illadelph Halflife, Things Fall Apart) that are revered by Hip-Hop fans worldwide. That same sound consequently evolved into the musical genre known as Neo-Soul. Ivory scored a major coup with Philadelphia’s Silvertide (J Records) when he arranged, produced, and
David Ivory

even co-wrote a song on their first release, “American Excess”, for music industry icon, Clive Davis, and his label, J Records. Ivory works with and is a close friend of Soul Legend, Bunny Sigler.

When Ivory opened Dylanava Studios in suburban Gwynedd Valley, PA, his idea was to create a quiet, convenient setting that would place the focus on creativity and expression while avoiding the distractions of a major city. The studio is located on approximately 3 acres outside of the white noise of a major metropolis. The onsite tracking/production facility allows Ivory to work closely with his artists and fully develop them in terms of songwriting, performance, and recording. It enables an artist the opportunity to unwind in a quaint cabin dubbed “The Vinyl Room” where classic listening sessions occur fireside.

The ability to wear many hats makes David Ivory and Ivory Productions a “One-Stop-Shop” for many artists needs. He believes deeply that the best bands are not afraid of being themselves. Throughout his career, Ivory has established many long lasting relationships from A&R executives at major and indie labels to the hottest regional session players. His conviction, regarding songwriting and the full development of his artists before letting them out of the gate, builds upon the production side of his craft. His philosophy can be best described in his own words, “Don’t settle, go the extra distance, make your songs and performance the best it can be. Do less to do more. It’s not cliché it’s the truth." The music and his artists are personal to David Ivory. Simply put it’s his passion, his life, and his story.